Xcy Cheapest Mini Pc Computer Intel Celeron N2830 N2840 Dual-cores 2.16ghz Windows 10 Desktops Office Htpc Vga Hdmi Wifi



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  • Type: Mini PC;
  • Use: Household;
  • Processor Main Frequency: 2.16GHz;
  • Processor Model: Celeron N2830 N2840;
  • Type: Mini Desktop;
  • Model Number: X30;
  • Processor Brand: Intel;
  • Graphics Card Type: Integrated Card;
  • Memory: DDR3L 1333/1600MHz;
  • Storage: MSATA SSD and 2.5"
  • Network: RTL 8111DL Onboard NIC Gigabit LAN;
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics;
  • I/O Ports: 1x USB3.0, 4x USB2.0, 1x LAN, 1x HDMI, 1x VGA, 1x MIC, 1x SPK;
  • Video Output: HDMI VGA;
  • Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Linux, and more;
  • WiFi: 802.11b/g/n Built-in, Mini PCI-E;
  • Dimension: 134*125*40mm;
  • Weight: 0.65kg;
  • Cooling System: Fanless passive cooling;
  • Mini PC Box: Aluminum Chassis;
  • Memory Capacity: 2GB 4GB 8GB Optional, select from color;
  • Hard Drive Capacity: From 16GB to 1TB Optional, select from color.
  • Unit Type: piece;
  • Package Weight: 1.5kg (3.31lb.);
  • Package Size: 33cm x 26cm x 8cm (12.99in x 10.24in x 3.15in).

Computer is exactly as described. clean windows 7 runs very fast . i did not do too much testing on windows as i run it as a linux server. i have ubuntu running: caching named, dhcp server, small squid instance, zoneminder with two full hd ip cameras. system is running at about 25-50% load with motion detection enabled. it is running very stable so far. temperature measured on the exterior is 35-40 deg. i have 500gig regular disk installed but that makes rig loud. anyone buying that pc from poland- i choose post instead of courier and package was stopped at customs and i hadto pay $25 of vat and other additions. in the end it would be better to have faster shipping as there is duties anyway. i definitely recommend the seller and product. i think i will buy one more of those pcs but bare metal this time to reduce duties.

I almost all like. order with seven came as ordered. to put the office had to update, upon new clothes flew registration, downloaded key wanted to activate. after activation flew windows. everything blew wanted to put 7. ????? ?????????????, danced with tambourines two days. downloaded 10 stood with polpinka, all the wood and setting ???????????? right up. well ???????? get used to ????????. two weeks flight normaldy. soon, just going to book ischo.

Computer ordered the minimum configuration, without memory, ssd, wi-fi. use planned as the console to tv. in general, that can say, computer fully live up to expectations. small, without fan heating body under the load in around 45-50 degree. working smoothly without noticeable brakes, video p osilivaet fairly well. from minus extremely buggy and not modified bios, the impression that there when creating it cooked porridge. but if one time adjust computer in general is stable and good value for money. that we would like to wish the seller, so is that under this withdrawal was a link to the driver. and then all the best for the store.

Shipping a little over a month in novosibirsk. processor got n2830. used as nas + dlna (openmediavault), processor load is weak, so the body slightly warm (design fanless).

The parcel was in moscow region for almost a month. when the term of protection i opened a dispute. as he thought that order can not come. the russia order tracking is not. the site where the parcel ??????????? to it have track number in the track list. it was better track. packaging crumpled. all the place. the seller is one pritenziya. the opening of my dispute he replied that order shipped and he did do it no longer is. hard disk ssd 60 gb, 4 gb of. wi-fi for free. no noise though no fan little heated. default is windows 10. i asked to put the windows 7. the specification power supply 2 a. and came to 5a. it pleases. works well. after booted up quickly and ?????? came out in the internet. taking mainly for work. or solitaire expanded. in general i like is. and then we'll see \

Take a second time. everything works fine. take only acquiring immediately to ali memory kembona and msata ssd king dian. a dozen got no problem. dokuplyu is hard on 2 tera notebook and make server-???????????????-????????????. strongly recommend and seller, and goods!

Shipping to omsk 2 weeks. 2840 percent. put your: 8 gigs operatives, 240 ssd quality. monitor use ultrawide with resolution 2560 in 1080. ubuntu 18.04 much lag, and lag if even lower resolution up to 1366 to 768, not understand how this is possible. put xubuntu 18.04-simplified graphical shell, there is much better at 2560 to 1080 more or less can be used, but youtube 720 p though still slows down. use as a second computer-clock work server application + little ????????, for this purpose, enough.in general, not advise, better take i3 or i5-thousand 11 is the dollar 70r.

Available with 4 gigs of, without the hard drive (have). it was interesting, will add wi-fi or not. no added, but i or anything about the seller did not write. screws short wire for second drive there. mounted wine 7, found all drivers, but when you connect the hdmi no sound. sound only through speakers pechalka. will understand. the iron complaints! works! order 23.11, brought home 19.12.

It 's quite quickly, to the door. fit into hdd 2.5, screwed together with the inside of the lid. cooled due to aluminum housing. set 10 ltsb, need in bios disable ???????? bottles, and mode os win 8. (something of this work, or recorded on stage loading windsurfing). in the bios of settings, there is even a mode ide for lovers old os. made him a gigabit media server, happy as an elephant. the sata speed reading and writing about medlenno.100mb/with the old cdm. recommend.

It's fast, works, shorter take and do not think. buy no ssd and of

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